Winter Menu 2016 Breakfast and Lunch                          

Full English Breakfast                                                                       

Local sausage, bacon and eggs served with sautéed tomatoes and mushrooms, toast and orange juice £6.75

Extra sausage 60p bacon egg baked beans 50p per item


The Bistro Vegetarian Breakfast    

Vegetarian sausage, eggs, sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, toast and orange juice  £6.50

Vegan sausages available on request                            

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs served with toast and butter £6.50


The Bistro Breakfast Bap  

Bacon     £3.95  Bacon, sausage ,egg/  2 items £4.95/  3 items £5.95

Toast served with butter, preserves or marmite  £1.80

Croissants, tea cakes and bagels   £1.95

Sweet scones served with butter and preserves £2.95

Cheese Scone & butter   £2.60

Porridge with honey £2.95

Pancakes with syrup, lemon & honey or Nutella  £2.95

Cheese scones served with butter


Leonora’s Set Lunch                                            

2 Courses £10    3 Courses  £13.95             

Starters  £4.95  

Seasonal Soup of the Day served with local breads 

Garlic Herb Flatbread with Houmous & Balsamic dips

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms Bavarian toast with salad (V)


Main Courses                                                                          

£8.95 Chicken Parmesan Goujons sautéed potatoes salad

£6.95 Omelette with ham & cheese or roast vegetables & parmesan (V)

£7.95  Vegetable Tagine with couscous (Vegan)



Cinnamon Spiced Carrot Cake   £2.80

Affogato – Espresso over vanilla ice-cream   £3.95

Seasonal Fruit Crumble & custard    £4.95

Traditional High Tea    £11.95   

Special Offer!

A glass of House Wine 175ml only £3.95!!


Traditional Sandwiches served with a side salad                                                              

Cheddar & chutney (V)  £4.75      

Ham & salad    £4.75     

Smoked salmon & cream cheese    £5.95  

Our Speciailty Sandwiches on Traditional Kentish Huffkin Breadrolls

New! Steak Sandwich with mustard mayo, salad & sautéed potatoes    £8.95

Chicken & bacon  with  salad       £6.95   

 Houmous & roast vegetables(V)   £5.95

Local Sage pork sausage with caramelised  onion relish      £7.50 

Halloumi & roast vegetables   £6.50   

Melted cheddar with a choice of bacon,tomatoes and or onion   £6.95

New Winter Drinks                                     

Mulled Wine     £3.95  

Warm Ginger Wine   £3.95

Hot Spiced Apple Juice   £2.95  

Gingerbread or Black Forest Latte    £3.25 

Bailey’s Hot Chocolate   £3.95  




COFFEES from The Kent Coffee Company

Cappuccino     £2.65/ 3.20 

Café Latte      £2.95       

Café Americano      £2.50/ 2.95

Espresso     £2 / £2.35

Espresso Macchiato    £2.30    

Hot Chocolate Regular   £2.95 

Luxury    £3.50      

Mocha    £3.50

TEAS from Taylors of Harrogate             

Pot for one £2.30 Pot for two    £3.95    

Black Leaf    English breakfast, Earl Grey, China Rose Petal, Decaffeinated

Green Leaf Chamomile, Green Tea, Moroccan Mint Fruit.

SOFT DRINKS AND MINERALS  £2.60 San Pellegrino Aranciata /Limonata Sparkling Mineral Water, Coca cola, Diet Cola, Sprite, Ginger Beer   £2.30                                 

The Kingsdown Water Company   £2.95

Cloudy lemonade, Orange sparkle, Rhubarb, Elderflower


Peroni  4.7%    £3.95  

Spitefire Ale   £3.95           

Local Whitstable Bay Organic Ale 4.5%     £3.95

Hoegaarden White Beer  £3.95

Westerham Beers Kent Pilsner or IPA  £3.95


Sparkling Wine Prosecco   £5.80

Bottle 16.95 Medium (175ml) £4.85           

Large (220ml) £5.50  Bottle £14.95 

White Pinot Grigio /  Sauvignon Blanc

Red  Cotes de Rhone  Shiraz